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Discover local experiences, flavours, and cultures like never before. One platform for you and all your travel desires, without endlessly searching for your perfect match.


Travel with the help of a friend

A friend knows what you like, what you love, and what you want to experience. That is why we ask you a quick couple of questions to get to know you and guide you to the right experiences.

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All that information
— curated for you

Simply discover a plethora of experiences that you will love. Choose just the right hotel for you from a small curated list, and settle on your choice with reviews and recommendations by like-minded people.

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Let’s ask the locals

Explore unique areas and communities where like-minded locals hang around by. Better yet, get valuable insight from a selected group of Local Heroes, who know the beautiful hidden gems and every tiny corner in their neighbourhood.

Everything you need to personalize your travel inspiration

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Hey locals

Help travelers like you would help your friend

Be a guiding light to other travelers. Share your amazing experiences with detail and emotion. Inspire and invigorate travelers, to discover and explore local exciting places.

Be a part of strengthening your own neighbourhood

Help put your local area on the globe. Recommend experiences that you think deserves a pat on the back, and see the liveliness increase in your community.

How it works

...it's easy as one, two, three

Let's talk!

we ask you a couple quick questions to get to know what you like, love, and want to see

Let’s connect!

we tailor all the convoluted information to you with our like-minded algorithm

Let's plan!

we unfold the information into a more manageable itinerary. You just pick from the personalised list to finish your journey

or... just easily browse tailormade inspiration.

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We are working every day to create a better way of travel. We are humbled that you would like to take the journey with us.

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