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Meet eddie, our travelling friend

We wanted to bring our dinner conversations about travelling to the masses and give travellers the same personal guidance and feeling of ease that you get, when you talk to a friend. A friend knows what you like, what you love, and what you want to see. A friend hooks you up with like-minded individuals. We would love for you and eddie to be friends!


A group of traveling friends

eddie was born in Denmark from an innate impatience with travel planning. Endless hours of browsing and cumbersome choices, with no real feeling of ease that we chose the right thing for us. We wanted there to be a much better way that helped every party involved.

Asger Meineche Jensen
Co-founder & Head of Content and Marketing
David Xin Long Lin
Co-founder & Head of Product and Design
Shakir M. Shaker
Co-founder & Head of Data

Our story

Back in 2017, the group consisting of: Asger Meineche Jensen, David Xin Long Lin, Mikkel Bjørnestad, and Mazen Salameh, were excited youths, starting their first day in Niels Brock Innovationsgymnasiet high-school.

The group, coming from diverse areas of life, quickly found common ground in a school programme. The so-called Business Case Class(BCC). It was here, at a local, “hygge”-filled café in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen that the first, draft ideation of eddie came to fruition.

With the help from a lot of kind and knowledgeable teachers and people, the group progressed to the Danish national competition in 2019. But even high-school sweethearts drift apart, and Mazen stepped out to pursue other projects. Eddie was then founded in 2020, with the same goal that we had in BCC — to make travel better.

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