Let like-minded travelers discover your hidden gem

Meet eddie, your traveling friend that offers travelers and locals a personalized platform to navigate the digital customer journey. Now, with the help of a friend, you can stregthen your bond with your guests — right from the very, very start!

Expand your reach

Tell us what makes you, you

Highlight and emphasize the things that make your business unique and interesting. Tell your stories to an audience of travelers, hungering for that personal and local feel.

Attract like-minded guests

Assemble your tribe from all around the globe. Find the travelers and locals that appreciate your business' core values — without all the hassle and stress.

Made by locals for locals

Offering improved incentives for both locals and travelers to review and recommend you and your localhood. Increase your presence with the help of neighbouring, like-minded hotels.

Get insights and narrow down your target group

Get personal with your guests, come to know who your guests are, and their psychographic preferences, to provide a more satisfying service for all parties.

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How we help:


Gain access to feedback, psychographic preferences, and keep loyalty at an all time high. We do all the grunt work for you, so you can focus on enhancing your service.

Cultural attractions

Gain access to reviews and recommendations from a crowd of culturally interested travelers. Find out what travelers and locals visit you for and easily get control over your digital presence.

Stores & businesses

Connect with customers that like and love what you sell. Access reviews and recommendations for both you business and localhood, to become a central interest point for travelers and local alike.

Maintain and cultivate your guest relations

Interact directly with the guest, no third party talking for you. Right from the awareness fase, to the advocacy fase — to make you more accessible and attractive to your guests.

How it works

...it's as easy as one, two, three!

Let's talk!

You and us get to know each other and what we both can bring to the table. We help you with creating the right digital presence for you and your like-minded guests.

Let’s connect!

Together, we tailor your profile, highlighting  your authentic and distinguishable characteristics by creating inspiring videos and text

Let's launch!

We get you up and running, with you receiving knowledge about your guests' preferences. Setting you up to easily accommodate their next visit.

and get a say in forming the new way of travel!

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Stay in the loop

We are working every day to create a better way of travel. We are humbled that you would like to take the journey with us.

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