Let like-minded travelers discover your hotel’s universe

Meet eddie, your traveling friend that offers travelers a personalized way to navigate the digital customer journey. Now, with the help of a friend, you can stregthen your bond with your guests — right from the very, very start!

A fair and level playing field

Inspiration should come easy, and fairly

Increase direct bookings and guest satisfaction by directly targeting the travelers and locals that love what you do. Start from a clean slate and do fair business with no artificial way to improve impressions.

No commissions, only value

Guests should get the best value when planning. We do not believe in taking a cut from you, if the value could have been used to create a better experience for your guests.

Healthy collaboration and growth, together

Stregthen your localhood with the help of your neighbouring experiences and witness increased symbiotic results. Also, calm your mind with no hostile pricing or distribution agreements.

Get insights and narrow down your target group

Get personal with your guests, come to know who they are and their psychographic preferences — all in all to provide a much more satisfying service for all parties.

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Reach and attract precisely who you want

Specify your core values and unique, local selling points

By narrowing down your values and your unique, local experiences, Eddie will do the heavy lifting and welcome travelers with comparable preferences right to your doorstep.

Reach your tribe throughout the whole customer journey

Getting engagement in an efficient and appropriate manor can be tricky. Eddie makes it possible to reach your tribe exactly as you see fit, making the process non-strenuous and straightforward.

Attract like-minded travelers

Entice the type of traveller that aligns with your own core values. By using psychographics, you can provide the service desired by your guests without all the extra effort.

Maintain and cultivate your guest relations

Interact directly with your guest like you would your friend. From planning to post-trip. To ultimately increase your accessibility and attractiveness.

How it works

...as easy as one, two and three

Let's talk!

You and us get to know each other and what we both can bring to the table. We help you with creating the right digital presence for you and your like-minded guests.

Let’s connect!

Together, we tailor your profile, highlighting  your authentic and distinguishable characteristics by creating inspiring videos and text

Let's launch!

We get you up and running, with you receiving knowledge about your guests' preferences. Setting you up to easily accommodate their next visit.

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Stay in the loop

We are working every day to create a better way of travel. We are humbled that you would like to take the journey with us.

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